2013 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

  • 2013 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

    Land Rover Range Rover Sport
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    • VEHICLE INTERIOR Reset the service interval indicator Check operation of all lights, warning indicators and horn Check operation of front/rear wiper washer systems Check wiper blades Replace the pollen filter Check condition and security of seats and seat belts VEHICLE EXTERIOR Anticorrosion check Inspect and lube door checks. Inspect hood latch & fuel flap ENGINE COMPARTMENT Inspect serpentine drive belts Inspect oil cooler and remove debris (Supercharged) Check and top-up brake, PAS and windshield washer fluid Change brake fluid (3 years) Check coolant level and freeze protection level Change engine coolant (10 years) Inspect air cleaner element UNDER VEHICLE Change oil and replace filter Inspect for brake pad wear, caliper leaks and disc condition Check tire pressures, condition and tread depth Lubricate wheel centers Inspect for under vehicle fluid leaks Check exhaust system for leaks or damage Check adjustment of electric parking brake Remove debris from dyn response valve block and chassis Inspect flexible brake hoses Change automatic transmisison fluid and filter (10 years) Change transfer case gear box oil (75k and 150K) Change front and rear axle oil (10 years) Change locking differential oil (75k and 150k miles) ROAD TEST Select Low range, move vehicle 60 ft. and select High Road test vehicle Record performance of service in Passport To Service
    • Front brakes: 2MIL Rear brakes: 1MIL Tire tread: 9/32 Bat/alt: Battery low on charge, charged. Passing load test. Alternator passing capacity test. Belts/hoses: Good Filters/fluids: Air filters dirty. Fluids good. Wipers/lights: Good Other: Lubricated rubber stoppers in tailgate, but can still hear some clunking. Tailgate is in alignment, operation of struts is good, but can hear noise coming from left side. Will order and replace under warranty. Rear anti sway bar bushings are making some noise. Will monitor. Recommendations: Service brake fluid. Replace air filters.
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