2016 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

  • 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

    Land Rover Range Rover Sport
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    • Not currently in stock. Ordered special order for customer and will contact with part arrives.
    • Rough running or feeling of misfire is due to exhaust system being clogged with too much soot, causing low flow.
    • VEHICLE INTERIOR Reset the service interval indicator Check operation of all lights, warning indicators and horn Check operation of front/rear wiper washer systems Replace climate controlled seat motor filters (if fitted) Check condition and security of seats and seat belts VEHICLE EXTERIOR Check tire pressures condition and tread depth Lubricate door hinges, hood latch and safety catch ENGINE COMPARTMENT Replace synthetic engine oil and filter Check battery condition, fill electrolyte, clean terminals Check and top-up brake, PAS and windshield washer fluid Inspect serpentine drive belt Change brake fluid (3 years) Check coolant level and freeze protection level Check coolant hoses Change engine coolant (10 years) Replace pollen filter UNDER VEHICLE Check for fluid leaks Check parking brake Inspect for brake pad wear, caliper leaks and disc condition Replace transfer case fluid (every 5 years/75,000 miles) Replace locking differential fluid (every 5 years/75,000 miles) Replace front and non-locking rear differential fluid (every 10 years) Replace automatic transmission fluid (every 10 years) Change automatic transmisison fluid and filter (10 years) Check condition/operation of suspension and steering components, boots, and drive axles Inspect fuel system lines Inspect suspension links and mountings Inspect exhaust system and heat shields Inspect underbody electrical harnesses for corrosion or damage REMEDIAL WORK If fault lamps are illuminated, use IDS to find the faults and report ROAD TEST Select Low range, move vehicle 60 ft. and select High Road test vehicle Record performance of service in Passport To Service
    • Front brakes: 6MIL Rear brakes: 2MIL Tire Tread: 8/32 Battery and alternator: Passing load and capacity tests Coolant protection level: -60degrees Belts/hoses: Good Filters/fluids: Good Wipers/lights: Good Other: See above.
    • Found soot level in particulate filter to be above recommended amount. Performed SCR regeneration to remove soot build up. Cleared faults and test drove vehicle. Faults did not return at this time. Soot build up was at 16.6 grams and should be below 6. Brought soot level down to 2.8grams.
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